Sealion War 2011

Barony of Seagirt

June 3-5, 2011

Last updated May 26, 2011

War drums sound! Across the waters Lions Gate prepares to invade Seagirt.
But Seagirt has a trick up its sleeve.
We will meet Lions Gate on Neutral Ground, in the Shire of Hartwood and send them back from whence they came!
Please join Their Excellencies, Baron Ming and Baroness Elina as Seagirtians Defend Their Homeland!

HL Morgaine Essex (Dawn Sharcott), 1879 Kings Rd
Victoria BC, V8R 2P2
250-592-0940 hm or 250-888-6008 cell

Site Info: Mountainaire Campground and RV Park
1094 Spruston Road
Nanaimo, BC V9X 1R2


Adult Camping: $15
Adult Day: $10
Youth Camping (13-18): $10
Youth Day (13-18): $5
Children 12 and under: FREE
NMS of $5 applies to all adults
Merchants $5
Make cheques payable to the "Barony of Seagirt"

RV's will be allowed on site at an additional charge paid directly to the site. $20.00 for a partially serviced site or $25.00 for a fully serviced site.
Please contact them to make arrangements as RV sites are limited.

Underage children coming without their parents must have forms signed by their parents designating an accompanying adult as their guardian before coming to the event.
The forms can be found here:

Anyone without the proper paperwork will not be allowed on site.
Sorry, rules is rules.

Site rules:

Dogs are welcome! An Tir leash laws will be in effect
Smoking in campsites only with proper disposal containers

War Points

Field Points (2 x Best of 7)

War Scenarios will have 7 battles both for Heavy and Rapier. Again as in the past 3 wars there will be limited lives for all combatants with exceptions to the one Baron/Baroness and the commander of the opposing sides who will have lives for every scenario.

In honour of the archery prowess of the new Baron and Baroness of Lionsgate, every heavy scenarios will have missile weapons. To accommodate this there will be a champion's battle between each scenario. A champion from each side will be picked to fight a double elimination round while the archer's reset. Lives lost from these rounds are destructive and no Baron/Baroness or Commanders may participate in these rounds.

The victors will be determined by either the most scenarios won or the side that has anyone remaining at the end of all 7 scenarios.

For the Rapier portion, a Baron/Baroness and one commander like the Heavy Portion will have lives for every scenario. There will be no champions rounds for the Rapier portion.

Limited Lives - 4 lives for each fighter (with exception to 2 designated fighters for each side - 1 commander & 1 baron/baroness/subcommander who will fight all scenarios) Each scenario will allow for retreating in which the retreating forces forfeits the battle point. Individual fighters may choose to desert a battle to preserve life. Yielding is allowed by individual fighters and will not lose their life, however must fight immediately on their captor's side for the next scenario (only one scenario).

Archery (3 points)

1st Round - A Hunting We Will Go
Any army, invading or defending, must have a balanced diet. For most soldiers, this means a daily diet of oats, stale bread and dried meat. For archers this means going out and taking your choice of nature's tastiest animals! An assortment of critters, large and small, will be set up at various ranges for archers to bag and brag about back at camp. Each army will give it's archers 3 arrows to bag as many animals as they can for their dinner. The deer is worth 1 point, the wild pig is worth 2 points and any rabbit shot will be worth 3 points. Whichever side has the most value of venison wins the round. Vegetarian and vegan target options not available at this time.

2nd Round - Big Brute Shoot
Nothing is more terrifying for an archer than to have a yelling, shouting mountain of metal bearing down on you with an axe that should be registered as a siege weapon. This particular giant is covered, head-to-toe in state-of-the-art defensive regalia that laugh off arrows and crossbows don't have the punch to punch through. A smart man would find a cannon. A smarter man would find a place to hide. But the brilliant archer finds weak points in any enemies armour. The Brute will stand 20 yards away and be made of cardboard. Each army will line up it's archers, each archer is given 3 arrows and must hit marked sections of the barbarian in the armour such as armpits, eye slot, and so on. 1 point is awarded each time an arrow finds a weakness and arrows must be entirely within the marked area (otherwise it would bounce off). The army earning the most points wins the round.

3rd Round - Traditional Mongolian Shoot... (brought to you by Pepsi)
To honour the Baron of Seagirt and inspired by footage of traditional Mongolian archery I present this humble variation: A row of soda cans, two high, will be set up 30 yards away on a low table. One army will have all their archers shoot first, followed by all the archers of the opposing army. Each archer will have 3 arrows to knock off a beverage of their choosing. 1 point will be awarded for causing more than one can to fall over. 2 points will be awarded if the archer only knocks one can off. Cans will be replaced at the end of shooting for the next army. If all the cans are knocked over before all arrows have been shot, those arrows are forfeit. Whichever side has the most total points wins the round. Archers are advised to clean their arrows after this tournament, and bring mix for all the soda left over.

Arts Point (1 point)

Best personal or Baronial war banner.

This war banner should be easily visible and also functional on the field.
We recommend creating a silk painted banner for a pole arm, but any medium is welcome.

Sciences Point (best of 3 points)

Best scale model mini marshmallow siege engine.

Build a siege engine that is capable of throwing a mini marshmallow. No single span in construction can be longer than 15 inches. There will be an authenticity portion for this discipline, so try your best to use period materials with exception of any torsion devices used to power your siege engine-you may use modern elastic devices as a safe and reliable replacement.

Couple of additional considerations for the siege engine:
No store bought models
There will be a speed round of (10 minutes with a sudden death round to follow if there is a tie) Your siege engine should work well within a 10-20 foot range

1 point for authenticity/documentation
2 rounds for 2 points for accuracy (you will have a time limit to fire as many marshmallows into targets-buckets at 10 and 15 feet). Winner will be determined by the most points on near and far targets which will have different values (further targets will be worth more).

Bardic (1 point)

Period performance - documentation required. May either be period text, music, performance art, etc. but should be highly researched. - Judges for this round should be laurels or those who are highly experienced in the field of period research. Points will also be awarded this round for quality of presentation, level of preparation (i.e. memorized), etc. but majority of points will be for documentation.


4:00 pm. Site opens

Saturday (times depending on how long the preceding activity takes)
9:00 am Opening Court and Arts Entries presented
10:30 am Heavy Armour inspection and scenarios
2:00 pm Target Archery
4:00 pm Rapier Armour inspection and scenarios and Sciences Entries presented
7:00 pm Baronial Candidates Meet and Greet
8:30 pm Bardic Presentations

10:00 am TBA Tourney (depending on the numbers we will either have a New Fighters tourney or a Youth Combat tourney)
12:00 pm Closing Court
4:00 pm Site Closes


Vancouver Island

From the South Island - head north on Island Hwy/Trans-Canada Hwy for roughly 100 kms. Just past the Nanaimo Airport intersection and the Cassidy Inn, take the exit towards the Bungee Experience and U-Turn Route. Take the Hwy underpass under the Hwy.Turn left onto S Wellington Rd back to Hwy 1 U-turn route. Continue onto Island Hwy/Trans-Canada Hwy S. Turn right onto Spruston Rd

From the North Island - head south on Island Hwy/Trans-Canada Hwy and turn right onto Spruston Rd. Follow the signs to the site (approx. 5kms).

Mainland - take the ferry to either Duke Point or Departure Bay, then make your way south and follow the directions from the north island.

WARNING: If you are using Google Maps or a GPS to help find your way, please disregard directions once you leave the highway!
They will lead you into the middle of nowhere and you will miss the correct turnoff.